4/5 year old Registered Kindergarten program:

Kids on Queens Parade has a fully registered and funded 4/5 year old kindergarten program. Our kindergarten program provides an educational experience that assists children to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will strengthen and extend all areas of development for future learning.

Long Day Care:

Kids on Queens Parade  has two babies rooms for children aged between 0-18 months, two toddlers rooms for children aged between 18 months-3 years, a 3 year old pre-kindergarten room and a 4/5 year old kindergarten.

Our Programs/Services:

Babies Room 0-18 months

Toddlers Room 18 months to 3 years

3 year old kindergarten

4/5 year old kindergarten

Kids on Queens Parade Philosophy

We believe:

* All children are individual

* Kids on Queens Parade is responsive to the needs of families

* It is essential for early childhood professionals to work as a team

* All families have the right to quality children's services

We acknowledge the critical importance of children, parents and staff as partners in a learning community that promotes the well being, education and development of all children

We believe that interaction, sensitivity and attachment are fundamental elements in providing opportunities for children to realise their potential.

We believe that the role of adults is to provide a stimulating and responsive environment where positive reinforcement and encouragement make learning possible.

We encourage family and parent participation.

We recognise and value the knowledge and commitment of our early childhood professionals and fully support their continuing professional development.

We recognise the value of play. Play is an important part of a child’s development. Through play children learn about the world around them and it is, therefore, important to understand how valuable toys and play are in the development of the child.

They will learn how to become an effective learner as;

-They develop and extend their communication skills

-Build their self confidence

-Learn to be creative

-Develop skills that will assist them with reading, writing and mathematics

Objectives We aim to:

* Work in partnership with families and the community to provide a quality service

* Provide a caring environment that is accepting of diversity and complementary to a child's home life

* Create a sense of freedom, trust and security

* Promote parent participation in the planning, development and evaluation of our programs

* Encourage children to be active, enthusiastic and creative explorers of their environment

* To develop their skills through play, art, dance, music and movement

* To interact with others in a positive way