Kids on Queens Parade believe that children's interactions in the natural environment are important.  The regulations require that the outdoor space that is provided at a children’s service includes features that enable each child to explore and experience the natural environment. We believe that it is not enough for children to look at trees and plants, they must be able to actively explore, engage with, and experience different types of natural environments. This means allowing children to touch and interact with the natural environment in their everyday play. Features in our outdoor area that enable children to explore and  experience the natural environment are:

  1. *gardens where children can grow their own plants

  2. *sandpits for sensory, symbolic and physical play

  3. *digging patches where children can use garden equipment

  4. *a range of planting to encourage a variety of modes of play such as playing with gum nuts, small branches, flowers, stones and bark

  5. *small pits of pebbles, gravel, course sand and smooth river rocks for fine motor and imaginative play

  6. *plants for picking and eating

  7. *plants that encourages birds, butterflies and other insects

  8. *trees which provide shade

  9. *worm farms and compost areas for environmental education

  10. *water play areas for sensory play