Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a payment made for families to assist with the costs of child care. Families using child care provided by approved child care services may receive CCS. Your child must be linked to parent/guardian and the appropriate documentation filled out with the Family Assistance Office or on your Mygov account to ensure you have requested to claim the government subsidy. You must advise the Family Assistance Office that: your child is attending a registered service and let them know that you are wanting to claim the CCS%. The family will be given a Customer Reference Number (CRN) and each child will receive a CRN number. These numbers are to be given to our office upon enrolment.

It is essential that you complete an online assessment to receive the payment.  complete components of the online Child Care Subsidy assessment. It is important that you complete all 4 steps in the online form, including confirming your enrolment. If you have disputed an enrolment you need to go online and confirm the updated enrolment details. Please go online via myGov and update it.

  1. -The CCS % are paid on the hourly rate cap for Centre Based Long Day Care

  2. -We expect most families with an approved CCS % will pay between $5.50 - $8.00 per hour.

  3. -Department of Human Services withholds 5% of the subsidy amount that will be reconciled directly with the family at the end of each financial year.

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  1. *  Ph 13 16 50

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