Our program provides an integrated teaching and learning approach that encompasses the principles of The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. The VEYLDF provides a framework that is consistent across Victoria and which  encompasses the National Framework, for birth to 8 years and links to the Victorian Essential Learning Document used  

  in Victorian Primary Schools.


The aim of our room is to provide a high quality, innovative and fun educational program for all children. We want this to be done in a nurturing, trusting

and caring environment; with a focus on celebrating and encouraging children’s individualism and creativity.

This will be achieved by:

* Valuing each child’s individualism by following their interests to develop appropriate open ended activities and experiences, fostering their creativity, celebrating and encouraging their efforts.

* Providing the opportunity for learning through play which is facilitated by:

*extended periods of non-interrupted play

*children choosing when to have their own snack

*indoor/outdoor play

* Treating all children and families with respect, communicating honestly with parents regarding their child’s developmental progress and maintaining confidentiality.

* Focusing on positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors at all times.

  1. *Valuing the contribution of children and parents.

* Assist children to become independent, confident and inquisitive learners

* Be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the children and their families

* Foster non-discrimination, and create a non-gender biased environment

What does this look like?

Children are engaged in a variety of activities throughout the day. Children are encouraged to choose activities that they are interested in and to move from activity to activity with a focus being on developing their concentration and attention span.

Mat sessions are held regularly throughout the day where children sing, dance, listen to stories and others speak and share information with the whole group.

Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of group sizes and to interact with lots of different members of the group.

The Victorian Framework sets the highest expectations for all children and identifies five Early Years Outcomes.

                                1. Children have a strong sense of identity (Identity)

                       2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world (Community)

                       3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing (Wellbeing)

                       4. Children are confident and involved learners (Learning)

                       5. Children are effective communicators (Communication)